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Gianfranco - Malauro
1377.5 m

Why two names for one mine?
In 1923 the mine Gianfranco was opened. It was named after one of the sons of the owner of Talco e Grafite val Chisone.
The talc extracted form the mine was transported by means of a cable way down to St. Barbara mine at 1306.77 m (just about 70 meters elevation lower) and then moved onto another cableway down to the place called “La Réiso”  or The Saw. The name is due to the fact that in older times in this site there was the marble saw used to cut the blocks coming from 
quarry located higher in the same area.
Then the talc was transported on the old Praly road down to the processing facilities.
To simplify the transportation a new tunnel was prepared which ended with a cableway descending directly to the main new road.
The latter tunnel diverted form main Gianfranco mine as shown on the portion of the 1967 map.
Inside the mine, a lift and other inclines and declines connected Gianfranco to other mines in order to use the same way for all the talc produced in the various working areas.
The mine closed in 1972.
The cable way was removed in July, 1976.

Portion of a map of the mining area in 1967

Gianfranco in
Gianfranco mine main entrance. Opened in 1923 as engraved in the top stone, it operated until the 1970s.
Picture: 2008

Gianfranco Buildings
Gianfranco service buildings.
Picture: 2008

Gianfranfo Malauro tunnel diversion.
Picture: 2007

Gianfranco tunnel
Picture: 2007

Teleferica Malauro
Cableway Malauro-Pomeifré
This is the cableway when it was running.
From: Il talco e la grafite nelle alpi Cozie
Ercole Ridoni
L'industria mineraria d'Italia e d'oltremare
N 4-6 Aprile-Giungo 1938

Malauro loading
Malauro cableway. Loading area.
Picture: 2006

Malauro wheels
Malauro cableway. Wheels and brakes.
Picture: 2006

Malauro cableway. Wooden friction break.
Picture: 2006

Teleferica Malauro
Trips counter.

Teleferica Malauro
Detail of the trips counter.

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