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Cross country ski track

Praly is also equipped with a cross country ski track. With optimal snow condition it is up to 15km long. It makes a loop between the lower hamlet of Villa up to the upper Ribba trough the main village Ghigo. It is normally prepared in a way that allows the skiers to use the classic technique on one side and the skating technique on the other.
In addition to the wonderful landscapes, while skiing it is possible to see the white troated dipper - Cinclus cinclus looking for food in the river, grey heron - Ardea cinerea fishing, trouts - Salmo trutta fario swimming in the river, and – if you are very lucky and you are in the area in November/December - you can see them mating an laying eggs. Tits - Paridae  of various types are easily visible in the woods.

Hamlet of Villa
Hamlet of Villa with its church.
Winter 2008-2009

Cross country ski track Prali Praly
Ski track
Winter 2008-2009

River Germanasca
River Germanasca
Winter 2008-2009

Cross country ski track Prali Praly2
Ski track in Villa
Winter 2008-2009

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