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Erminio Macario
Erminio Macario Culture Association
Made in Pinerolo. Pinerolo & Valli Experience. Pinerolo tourism operators association.
CCM Cableways company
Val Chisone e Germanasca Portal of the valleys Chisone and Germanasca
Chairlift preservation society Cableways
Fondazione Cosso.
Local development.
Ropeway italian site Cableways
Praly town hall General information
Mines Museum Industrial archeology
Evolutiva Information systems company. It powers this site.
Military history portal Military history
Luzenac Val Chisone Mines Company
Rio Tinto Mines Company
Badia Corale Val Chisone Music and Songs - traditional
Chairlift company Tourism
Pro loco Tourism
Azienda Agricola Gardiol Agriculture company and farm holidays
Helimonviso Aerial transport

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