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Myself and my Igloo syndrome

Since I was child, igloo making always fascinated me. I tried many times to build igloo-like things with bad results. When I was a teen eager I succeeded the first time. Unfortunately I have no pictures of that. Or may be fortunately... It was a double room igloo with an incomprehensible shape which had nothing to do with a proper semi-sphere.

Then I studied the subject thoroughly. My mother understood my interest and shown me some articles on local papers describing the technique. After that I found more documents and I developed at least some theoretical knowledge.

The problem remained the raw material... Although on the Alps snow is present any winter, it is very rarely present in adequate quantity and quality at the right moment. And the right moment is during Christmas vacation when I can manage to waste time in this way.

As a matter of fact in the last 3 decades I could manage to make only 3 igloos 2 of them shown below.

I have no idea if this highlights some kind of mental disease. A psychologist may be knows.

1985 igloo
1985 igloo

1985 Bruno Marco

1985: I built this igloo with my uncle Bruno and my friend Marco

1997 igloo
1997 Igloo after a snow fall. Barely 4 meters in diameter

1997 inside
1997 igloo seen inside

1997 tools
1997: a few basic tools for the building activity (fatigue is not shown)

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