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Aldo Richard - Barbo Aldo

               In Piedmont, both in the piedmontese speaking and the patois speaking areas, it is common to use the words “uncle” and “unt” as a respectful title instead of “mister” or “misses” which anyway exist.
I like to recall Barbo Aldo or uncle Aldo with his original “title” because it was a single thing with the name.

Barbo Aldo house is best described by his friend dr. Bia who told me: “I like visiting him just to stay in his kitchen. I look around and I feel happy”.
The environment was the one of a mountain grange. The traditional kitchen, the fireplace, the copper cutlery.
He was specially important for the ones looking for traditional songs. He had a so called “chaier” ; a book where his grand father collected and wrote the words of the popular songs of that time. The “chaier” itself unfortunately only included the words, but he was able to sing a large quantity of them. Luckily the choir friends recorded them and now they are preserved in digital way in addition to the various choirs that are singing them in concerts around the valleys.

Barbo Aldo was remembered in a special event by Badia Corale Val Chisone in 2004 on occasion of  returning to the family the “chaier” fully restored.

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