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Winnie Huntriss


From 1897 to 1907 the main mining company in the area was the “Anglo Italian Talc and Plumbago Mines Company Ltd.” Amongst the shareholders there were members of the Huntriss family and George Huntriss was the president.
Piero Sartorio keeps in its records pictures about them and some notes.

Winnie Huntriss
This is how  Piero Sartorio describes this picture.
This lady is  Winnie Huntriss, one of the daughters of George Huntriss [Winifred Huntriss (1893-1977)].
George Huntriss was president of the Anglo Italian Talc and Plumbago Mines Company Ltd until 1907 when it become Talco & Grafite Val Chisone.
Winnie was my mother's friend and, most likely, she come to visit us together with her father who still kept some kind of interest in the company. The picture could date spring 1915 but I have no idea about where it was taken. Probably, it was sent to my mother form England. Winnie was a very sporty lady. I still remember her during a visit in 1928 when she was our guest over some days.

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